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Patronage Applications for 2019

The AFS have restructured their patronage levels and fees and are now offering two types of patronage

Gold :              For all AFS Branch shows

                       Specialist Foreign Bird shows

                        The National at Stafford

                        AFS Members show.

Open :             For all Cage Bird Societies and Clubs.

The Open Patronage is now being offered free to all applying Cage Bird Societies and Clubs.

Applications must be made in writing to the Patronage Secretary using the application form from the AFS website and must contain a large SAE. Conditions of the free rosettes are that the AFS advert (downloadable from the table below) is placed in the Show Catalogue and show results sent to the AFS following the event.

Patronage Letter Patronage Form Patronage Advert


Date Show Level Show Manager Contact Details
11/08/2019 AFS Members Club Show Gold Mel Randall 01778 440797
01/09/2019 Western Counties B & F BS Open Peter Cannan 01752 923657
15/09/2019 UK Classic Foreign Bird Show (St. Neots) Gold P. Coe 01480 810203
21/09/2019 Foreign Finch Alliance Open G. Wincomb 01522 546692
22/09/2019 South West Branch Gold John Richards 01579 344720
28/09/2019 Invitation Budgie and Finch Show Open  Ian Mercer 07872 054959
29/09/2019 Norfolk FBA Gold Steven Downes 01603 484382
06/10/2019 Bird of the Year show (Stafford) Gold Mel Randall 01778 440797
12/10/2019 Irvine & District CBS Open A. Philson 01294 552947
19/10/2019 The Lincolnshire National Open D. J. Paine 01427 611415
20/10/2019 Wigton and District CBS Gold Robbie Young 01900 822136
27/10/2019 Norfolk and Suffolk Branch Gold Mick Baldrey grassfinch@supernet.com
02/11/2019 City of Derry Open Ian Mercer 07872 054959
02/11/2019 Stratford on Avon CBS Open Steve Webb 01386 438072
09/11/2019 Northern Ireland Branch (Ballymoney OA) Gold Ian Mercer 07872 054959
10/11/2019 South Coast Open Show Open Terry Sayers 02392 379301
10/11/2019 Beverley CBS Open S. Hardcastle 01482 898275
05/01/2020 Carshalton & Wallington CBS Open M Digman 02084 016398
05/01/2020 Ilkeston & Erewash Valley CBS Open Dave Foulstone 07502 262176


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