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Advice for Beginners on Keeping Australian Finches
Part 1                Building an Aviary/Bird Room

Part 2                The Outside Flight
Part 3                Fitting-out the Bird Room
Part 4                Stocking the Aviary/Birdroom
Part 5                Food and Diet
Part 6                Healthcare and Diseases
Part 7                Australian Finch Topography
Part 8                Birdroom and Aviary Security
Part 9                Ready for Breeding
Part 10              Probiotics and the Digestive system
Part 11              On the record
Part 12              Gouldian Finch Head Colours
By John Williams
Dark Factor Gouldians By Graham Tulk
A Guide to Gouldian Colour Variants By Graham Tulk
Painted Firetail Finch By Paul Ceiley
Pintailed Nonpareil Parrot Finch By Percy Holland
Beginners Guide to Exhibiting Foreign Birds By Lisa Barnsdale
AFS Show Cage Specification By Lisa Barnsdale
Book Review – The Gouldian Finch by Evans & Fidler By Lisa Barnsdale
Diamond firetail Gouldian Firetail Blue faced parrot finch Red Browed finch Pintailed parrot finch Cherry finch