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Founded in 1971 the Australian Finch Society caters for those who keep breed and exhibit the native Australian Finches and the various Parrot Finches.

By becoming a member of the Society you will join an international membership who have a specific interest in the Grassfinches of Australia and Parrot Finches of the Pacific Islands.

Membership entitles you to receive the society's magazine The Grassfinch which contains tips and hints from members around the world. The content ranges from tips passed on by the more experienced members, to personal experiences from first time breeders and articles written specifically with beginners in mind. The Grassfinch is regarded by many to be amongst the best society magazines available.

If you are interested in joining the society please click on Application Form linkon this page. The document is a PDF which you can view using Adobe Reader.

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Save and print the document then send it together with your subscription to:

A.F.S c/o Mr J Richards.
 26 Allen Vale.
 PL14 4HL
 United Kingdom

Membership runs for one year from the 1st December until the 31st November, not a calendar year from the date you join.

AFS rings will be available from A C Hughes as of the 1st December on production of your membership card

Membership subscription rates per annum for Individual or Partnership from one address are:

UK including Channel Islands 15

18 month UK membership for anyone joining in the second half of the year (Between 1st June and 30th November)  23

Overseas in Pounds Sterling.  15 if magazine is delivered by eMail or 20 if delivered by Air Mail

Junior Members Free (under 16 on 1st December)

Please make cheques, drafts or postal orders payable to The Australian Finch Society

Alternatively you can pay on-line by PayPal

Are you?
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