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This Service is free to Members of the Australian Finch Society, who may use this facility to advertise their surplus birds or to enquire into the availability of birds they are looking for. Adverts will be displayed on the site for 3 months.

Please email the details of your advertisement to Austfinchsoc@googlemail.com making sure you include AFS website and your membership number in the subject line of your message.

If you do not have email, phone or post details to:- Dave Harris,  details in the Grassfinch  Contact List.

Remember to Include you membership number or the advert cannot be posted.

Please note that in the interests of avoiding unwanted visitors to your bird room, We would advise that you should not use a landline telephone number as your contact point. A mobile phone number or email address is preferable. Note the advice given by Cage and Aviary Birds: "Anyone advertising birds for sale is advised not to give details of their whereabouts to unfamiliar callers ringing on mobile phones. We recommend that you ask for a landline number and call them back. If you are still suspicious, arrange to meet at a neutral location." 

There have been reports of con artists trying to profit from advertisers on other avicultural websites.  Never send money to people claiming to have birds for sale until you have actually seen that the birds exist!







1st August 2023









5 Pairs non mutation Gouldians Red and Black Headed


2 pairs Painted Finches


2 pairs Red-Browed Finches


Cannot take the birds until the bird flu situation eases and DEFRA allow movements again, so 2022 or 2023 birds would be good









Andrew Swales












1st August 2023







Pairs Gouldians


Pair Bichenos


Pair Hecks Grassfinch





C Peel






1st August 2023


For Sale


Gouldians   Normal Red and Black Headed parent reared young birds



60 pr


Keith Bailey



07817 2542443 - after 5pm



29th August 2023






2023 Diamond Firetail hens

Willing to travel for quality birds




Mark Snell




07860 289660


 3rd October 2023




2 Hen Timor Zebras

2 Hen Chestnut Breasted




Keith Goldsack




07765 333895



4th October 2023




01243Silverbills   Any colours



Mike Wood







Diamond firetail Gouldian Firetail Blue faced parrot finch Red Browed finch Pintailed parrot finch Cherry finch