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This site last updated 13th June 2018

Welcome to the Australian Finch Society Web Site

The Australian Finch Society caters for those who keep, breed and exhibit the native Australian Finches and the various Parrot Finches.

Through these pages you will find out more information about the Society.

Members Day

Sunday, 24th June 2018 at Cheswick Green Village Hall, B90 4JA - Starting at 10:30 a.m.

The Guest Speaker will be Dr. Gary Fitt, of The Queensland Finch Society, Save the Gouldian Fund and Naturally for Birds. The subject of his talks will be on:

Finch Nutrition and Finch Conservation - Perspectives from Australia

Gary Fitt is President of the Queensland Finch Society and has kept and bred birds for over 50 years. This pair of talks will focus firstly on Gary's current approach to nutrition for his collection of Australian and Foreign Finches with details on greenfood, livefood and supplements. This will include details of the Naturally for Birds range of cage bird feed supplements which he and partner, Cheryl Mares, now produce. In this first talk Gary will also feature some excellent photography of finches taken by photographer, Cheryl.

The second talk will cover Conservation Needs of Australian Finches, highlighting the work being done by the Save the Gouldian Fund to support field and laboratory research on the endangered Gouldian Finch in northern Australia. Gary will also cover the plight of the Black throated finch (Parson Finch) and a couple of others. Along the way you will learn about the ecological and man made changes which threaten these finches and glimpse the natural habitats of Australian finches in the Kimberley region of northern Australia.

During the interval there will be a memberís bird sale
AFS Sales Items and Raffle.
Planet Aviary will be in attendance with their products.

Members entry Free on production of membership card,
Non members £2-50.

Pay your subscriptions with PayPal

AFS has a forum on FeatheredFlyer. Please sign up by clicking below.


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