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Diamond firetail Gouldian Firetail Blue faced parrot finch Red Browed finch Pintailed parrot finch Cherry finch




Yellow rumped mannikins or contact with anyone breeding this species.


Contact     Alan Wilkins W588   alan_wilkins@hotmail.com or 07800640411



Can anyone bring the below to the show on September 4th

Hen Blue Headed Parrot Finch

Hen Java Sparrow (wild colour)

Hen St Helanas

Hen Star Finch

Darren Capps C556 darrencapps@live.co.uk


'Hen Tri coloured Forbes parrot finch' 

Malcolm  Thornton  T293



Pure bred Gouldian finches RAD's quality

Red headed pair wanted 
Black headed pair wanted
Red headed hen wanted 

All must be of breeding age 

 Please contact  Adrian Walls   W585